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  • Fashionable, chic style.
  • Real leather, soft and long-lasting
  • Buckle fastener and 12 pin hole
  • Inspired by original Hermès design

The Genuine Leather Double Tour Strap epitomises luxury and class. Inspired by the original Hermès design, you can style yourself lavish at a fraction of the price. Curated from soft genuine leather and underlined with the best microfiber fabric, this strap is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear,

The stainless steel, metal adjustable buckle features 12 pin holes that make if great for tailoring the ideal fit for you. Stylishly cut, the extra-long strap is an iconic style staple that elegantly wraps around your wrist, keeping you effortlessly on trend.

Installation is made easy, as every band includes lugs on either end to ensure the strap locks precisely securely onto the Watch interface. Compatible with all versions of the Apple watch including the Watch Edition and Watch Sport, and available in both 38mm & 42mm sizes.

Apple Watch Natural Leather Double Loop Strap 38/40/42/44mm

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